Our Story

The toggle2 journey started in a different shape and time half a decade ago.

An American charity “Vision Aid” had a vision to help the visually challenged in rural India to be upskilled to empower them for better employability. It was envisioned that “English” Communication skills could greatly help. The challenge was in sourcing “English Coaches” in rural parts of India.

Our Co-founders Hasan Kabeer and Ajai Srivastava  decided to use Technology to bridge the physical distance between good English Coaches and rural students.  This was done through  the development of a virtual learning platform “Easyconnect”. Over the past five years more than 2000 visually challenged students were empowered for better employability through “Easy-connect”

Our third co-founder Sunil Mohal saw the immense disruption of learning during the pandemic and partnered with the existing founders of “Easyconnect” to create a truly integrated platform with extremely powerful features to cover all aspects of learning. This was the birth of an independent platform Toggle2 – Virtual Classes, Learning Management System – Assessments.

About Us

We are a group of learning professionals on a mission to provide cost effective “Learning Solutions” to transform learning through technology.

The inspiration for Toggle2 is derived from the word “Toggle” or a switch which turns a state on / off.

Our approach to providing a learning platform is “simplicity” in usage. Anyone, anywhere should be empowered to learn, upskill and perform, without being deterred by complex systems.

Toggle2 – A simplified Learning platform for complex Learning Needs

Long-term relationships

We believe in long term relationships for stability and growth.

We focus on you

We believe that we progress when our customers progress. This is the core ingredient in the exercise to focus.


Toggle2 – A simplified Learning platform for complex Learning Needs


An organization providing cost-effective Learning Platforms to enable learning for anyone and anytime through any device.